Inverter Solar ตู้อินเวอร์เตอร์


Our advanced products which can help you save money and time with lighter weight and smaller volume. From consultation to design; from installation to maintenance, we could make one-stop and most cost-saving service for you to cut your budget. The tech term have design the inverter which have advanced thermal design ,easy to intall , safe and fool-style operation ,and still in progress .



The parameters for  DC/AC solar pump inverter

    The HSPL/HXXXXL/HA/B series products( 3 PHASE solar pump inverter )are convert the DC output of the PV array to AC and drives the pump, according to the PV array output power (caused by sunshine intensity change) regulates output frequency to achieve the maximum power point tracking. 

     Solar pumping system is composed by Solar array, the equipment, and pump ,it is mainly used for agricultural irrigation, desertification control, grassland animal husbandry, city water, living water and other fields; with low carbon, energy saving, play an active role in improve the water shortage area people's living standard and the ecological environment.  



Diving 3 PHASE DC/AC Intelligent solar pump inverter WITH MPPT FUNCTION    features:

POWER: 750W 1500W 2200W 3700W 5500W 11KW 15KW 18KW 22KW 

1.          applies to the use of three-phase asynchronous motor pump;

2.          with maximum power point tracking algorithm for dynamic VI, fast response speed, good stability, the efficiency of MPPT 99%;

3.          fully automatic operation, can according to the actual situation to set free the speed range of pumps

4.          using efficient SVPWM algorithm, the main circuit and high reliability, the highest conversion efficiency up to 98% ;

5.          intelligent recognition of input voltage range, without the need to manually adjust the open circuit voltage, maximum power point voltage

6.          no button set to run automatically, only a switch control stop and boot;

7.          the maximum flow support manually controlled, prevent  stop and boot repeatedly when water less or less needs of water

8.          The function of protecting the motor complete, can choose the upper and lower water level monitoring and control circuit, to prevent dry or over flow’s pumping;

aluminum alloy shell, protection grade IP52, use environment temperature: -20 c~ +50 c;

9.          allows a wide range of input voltage, L type 200-450Vdc, H type of 460-750V

10.       with over-voltage, over-current, over temperature protection

11.       input anti reverse function

12.       small size and lower weight

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